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10 Essential Tips Before Paving Your Patio

Stylish, durable and a breeze to maintain, stone paving is the perfect material for your patio. The secret to the perfect installation lies in thoughtful planning and careful preparation. Follow these 10 essential tips for optimal results:

1. Choose Your Location

Select a location for your patio that will allow you to make the most of the outdoor living space. Consider factors like easy access, proximity to neighbours and noise levels.

2. Set Design Goals

A patio can be cosy and private or spacious and welcoming. Decide on the type of atmosphere that you’d like to achieve with your new patio, and ensure that the design compliments the landscape and the architectural style of your home as well.

3. Mind the Weather

Your patio site should be oriented to take advantage of mild weather, but make sure that it has adequate drainage for rainy days too. For year-round patio use, consider including additions like windbreaks and shade structures.

4. Scope Out the Landscape

Pay careful attention to the plantings that will surround your new patio. Avoid placing paving slabs over tree roots or near invasive plants and shrubs.

5. Safety Factors

Plan your patio to accommodate the specific safety needs of those who will use the space. Include lighting if you plan to use the patio in the evening.

6. Functional Considerations

When designing a patio for entertaining, consider the location’s access to electric, water and natural gas outlets. Check local building requirements before digging trenches for utility lines.

7. Explore Your Design Options

Choosing the optimal stone paving is the most enjoyable part of patio planning, so take your time and explore all of your options. The showroom at S&N Granite is the perfect place to survey the range of colours, sizes, shapes, finishes and patterns available in paving slabs.

8. Take Accurate Measurements

Determine your new patio’s square footage by multiplying its length and width, and be sure to include measurements for border areas as well.

9. Draw Up a Plan

Draw a to-scale plan on graph paper showing all of your patio’s dimensions. Take the plan with you to your paving company to ensure that you get the right quantity of stone paving.

10. Find the Best Paving Company

Quality paving companies not only offer a broad selection of stones and supplies but offer design assistance as well. S&N Granite is one of the few companies that will work with you to create custom paving slabs to meet your specifications.

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