Marble Products

Why Choose Marble For Fireplace Design?

A fireplace is often the strongest architectural element in a home and as such, naturally creates a compelling focal point. Investing in a material that makes the most of this stunning feature is money well spent. A new fireplace crafted from fine marble will not only improve the quality of home life, creating a distinctive focal point that is as functional as it is attractive, but will improve the resale value of the home as well. Homebuyers look for amenities constructed from quality materials that will add comfort and style to their life at home. Read more
Marble Tiles

Why Choose Marble Floors?

The versatility of marble allows many applications in construction including bathroom floor tiles. Polished marble floors have a natural antiseptic quality, do not absorb water, odours or allergens and are easy to clean. The smooth silky texture of natural marble is a delight to bare feet as well as a treat to the eyes. Read more

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S&N Granite’s Window Sill Variety

S&N Granite’s Window Sill Variety

The windowsills of the house are one of those details that make the house attractive. A window sill that is cracked, old, or rotted makes the house look unwelcoming, no matter how well the rest of the house is kept.
S&N Granite, the premier stone mason in Ireland, offers both their residential and commercial customers the very best quality when it comes to granite and limestone windowsills. Read more
Stone Cladding

Best Cladding Supplies For Exterior House Design

Choosing a cladding supplier is the proactive way for home-owners to protect their families from the worst weather. Natural stone has earned a reputation for superior appearance and its energy-efficient features. Cladding supplies are also variable in their colours, sizes and textures, so buyers are sure to find the right product to match their home’s exterior appearance. Read more