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Window Sills & Weatherproofing

When the cold creeps in, it is time to increase the heat. As valuable as a heater is, it can actually worsen the situation by wasting energy and increasing bills. That is when it becomes necessary to proof the window sills against the conditions of the weather. When people make a few affordable fixes, they are better able to prevent the entry of cold air. There are tips available to prevent leaks and weatherproof windows. Read more

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Window Sills & Heads: How To Frame A Window

To frame a window, you’ll need care, precision, and an absolute attention to detail. A poorly-installed or weakly-framed window can lead to water damage and even health hazards if a draft sneaks in, which is why it’s so important to choose the right kind of window sill and know what you’re doing when you position it.

But don’t fret, it can be done! Here are a few basic steps to rolling up your sleeves and framing your own window. Read more
Limestone Window Sills

Why Choose Granite Sills?

There are a number of factors for the home-owner (and contractor) to consider when choosing materials for the design and construction of a project. Primary items for you to consider include the cost of materials, their maintenance requirements, longevity and durability, and of course the aesthetic value of the product selected. Granite is a versatile material, and is suitable for a wide range of construction needs. So, you might ask yourself, how could custom granite products fit into your project’s design needs for window sills? Read more

Granite Window Surround

Spring Cleaning Tips For A Natural Stone Window Sill

Natural stone windowsills add character and style to a building. With proper care, a natural stone window sill will continue to enhance the beauty of the structure for decades to come. Although stones like limestone, marble, soapstone and granite are durable, long-lasting materials, they are still subject to stains and abrasion. These simple spring cleaning tips can help preserve the natural beauty of stone windowsills. Read more

Granite Window Surround

Some Advice On Limestone & Granite Window Sills

Windows and doors are natural focal points. Indoors and out, they’re typically the architectural elements of a structure that first catch your eye. By adding a distinctive accent, stone window sills let you take advantage of the eye-catching quality of windows. Windowsills crafted from natural stone offer an affordable way to add unique style to both the interior and exterior of your property. Read more

Granite Window Sill and Surround

Protecting & Maintaining Your Stone Window Cill

There are several benefits to choosing a stone window cill, chief among them is the durability of the material and that it is low-maintenance. Unlike wood, which frequently needs repainting and other preventative maintenance for rot, termites, or paint fading, stone window cills resist damage from sun and moisture exposure. While they are very durable, stone products do require some maintenance. Read more