Kadappa Black Limestone Paving

How To Design A Well-Thought-Out Paving Stone Patio

A properly installed and well thought out paving stone patio enhances the look of your home and makes outdoor living more enjoyable. Whether you want a limestone paving patio that harmonises with the architectural style of your home or a granite stone patio built for heavy use, careful planning and preparation ensures that you’ll be pleased with the results for many years to come. Read more

Quartz Stone Cladding

How & Why To Use Stone Cladding

How and Why to Use Stone Cladding

Natural stone is a material that has been used in construction for centuries to denote elegance, style and sophistication. When it comes to modern applications, however, the expense of using stacked stones for interior and exterior walls put the material out of reach of many homeowners. Real stone that has been cut into thin slices, stone cladding makes it easy and affordable for anyone to enjoy wall cladding that has the three-dimensional appearance of authentic stacked stone. Read more