Paving Stone – Which Finish Do I Choose?

Stone paving adds a natural yet sophisticated style to your home, indoors and out, and a broad selection ensures that you’ll find the perfect paving. Natural stone paving not only comes in a wide array of colours, shapes and sizes but in a variety of stone finishes as well. Some are added during the mining or machining process while others occur naturally. The following are just some of the many stone finishes available today that you’ll want to consider when selecting your stone paving slabs. Read more

Sandstone and Limestone paving

Can Paving Stone & Landscaping Rock Help Your Garden Design?

There are few things in life more pleasurable than enjoying the beauty of nature, and it’s even more appealing when the view is of your own garden at home. When it becomes hard to see your garden’s best features for the forest of wild growth that surrounds them, however, it’s time to think about ways to add order to the landscape. Hardscaping features like stone paving, patios and landscaping rocks help define your garden’s boundaries, borders and beds, providing the visual contrast that you need tame nature’s wilder side. Read more