How To Lay a Stepping Stone Path

A stepping stone path made with paving slabs not only helps protect your feet from mud and moisture but can save your lawn and garden from being trampled underfoot as well. Creating a stepping stone pathway with stone paving is an easy DIY project, one that you can typically complete in a single day.


Planning the Design

Use garden stakes and heavy string or cording to establish your pathway’s boundaries and to ensure that the paving slabs stay level as you lay them down. Consider the stride of the people who will be using the path when laying out your design so that there’s a surface underneath for each step. Stepping stone paths can be laid in either straight or curved designs. For curved designs, tighten the spacing on the inside edge of the arc and widen it on the outside edge.


Preparing the Surface

If laying your path across a lawn, use an edging tool to cut out the outline of each stone, and then cut deep into the lawn with a spade to remove the turf and its roots. For each stone paving slab, dig down to a depth that’s equal to the stone’s thickness plus at least four centimetres. Take measurements from the mason line running from each corner garden stake to ensure that depths are even.


Laying the Base

Create a supportive base for your stone paving using crushed stone or gravel. Use a rake to level the base and a hand tamper to compact it. Pour a thin layer of sand over the base to use as a levelling course so that you can nudge the paving stone into the perfect position. Set the sand by spraying it with a fine mist of water before laying the stones.


A well-designed stepping stone path helps you control the natural flow of foot traffic through your landscape whilst adding functionality and artistry to your garden as well. For long-lasting results, choose quality precision-cut paving slabs from S&N Granite. Our extensive selection ensures that you’ll find the perfect choice for your stepping stone path.

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