Stone Paving

5 Tips to Ensure Your Patio Does Not Become an Ice Rink this Winter

Your natural stone paving patio adds both style and functionality to your home in every season, but with the onset of winter, it can take a bit of extra care to keep it safe. Although a properly installed and sloped stone patio rarely freezes over when temperatures plummet, even perfectly paved patios benefit from seasonal maintenance. Here are the tips you need to prevent your stylish stone paving patio from turning into a hazardous ice rink.

1. Make a Clean Sweep

Before the thermometer dips, purge your patio of any dried leaves or debris with a stiff broom so that you can make a thorough inspection of the surface. Remove any leaves stuck to the stone by hand and check to make sure they haven’t left stains on the stone paving. Be sure to check under flower pots and other stationary fixtures as well.


2. Check for Cracks

Breaks in natural stone paving can allow water to seep under the stone and form into ice during freezing weather. The ice can then force the stone upwards and cause a trip hazard. You’ll need to address any paving stones that show signs of heaving by improving the drainage under the stone.


3. Keep It Clean

To keep unsightly and slippery stains at bay, keep your paving stones clean by sweeping it or hosing it off frequently. Most stains can be scrubbed away with a solution of dish soap and water Avoid using power washers that can dislodge the joint sand or mortar.


4. Eliminate Stains

Stains can be a sign of developing moss, mould or mildew, substances that make your patio extremely slippery after a freeze. A solution of 10 percent bleach in water can be used to help break down the organisms for easier removal. Just be sure to give the patio a thoroughly rinsing when you’re done.


5. Resolve Drainage Issues

Ensuring that water doesn’t accumulate on your stone paving is the best way to keep your patio from turning into a slippery ice rink when during freezing weather. If puddles are a problem, improving the drainage in the surrounding area can help. Dig out shallow channels along the borders of the patio and fill them with gravel or sandy soil.

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