Mint fossil paving

A Brief History Of Paving

The oldest paved road in the world was constructed with sandstone and limestone paving slabs. Located in Egypt, the 4,600-year-old road was unearthed by archaeologists in 1994. The still-standing 12-kilometre road was used to haul stone in sleds from nearby quarries for the construction of temples in Giza.
Around 4000 B.C., paving slabs began to be used for streets in major cities on the Indian subcontinent and in Mesopotamia. Advancements in metallurgy would lead to the next road construction breakthrough. Around 2000 B.C., metal stone-cutting tools became more widely available, which led to a widespread use of stone paver’s throughout the ancient world.

All Roads Lead to Rome

Road construction using stone paving took a giant leap forward around 500 B.C. when Romans standardised the use of uniform paver’s in their road systems. The Romans introduced many paving techniques still in use today, such as laying the stones down over a bed of crushed stone or sand for better stability and drainage.

The Modern Era

For thousands of years, stone paving defined the way the people and goods are transported around the world. Paving cut from stone has also made a huge impact in home and landscaping design as well. Interlocking stone paver’s not only provide a functional surface for drives, paths and patios but also offer opportunities to add distinctive style to your home.
Today, the latest advancements in stone paver’s are all about expanding options. Because each stone gets its unique colour and pattern from the quarry in which it is cut, the ability to access products from all over the world means that you have more choices than ever before. Whether you want a bold design to make a modern statement or an Old World style that evokes the look of an ancient Roman villa, a broad selection ensures that you find the ideal choice.
At S&N Granite we supply many different categories of high quality stone paving including limestone paving, cobble paving and Indian sandstone paving.  We have paving slabs in a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes so you are sure to find the right stone paving for your project. Contact S&N Granite to enquire about our wide range of paving materials or visit our new display area in Camolin, which is only an hour from Dublin.