Best Materials For Paving In Ireland

When it comes to paving Ireland, nothing matches natural stone for durability and character. Whether for a historic home or for new construction, driveways, walkways and kerbs  stone adds functionality and distinction to any home and commercial building. As evidenced by cobblestone streets that have survived the centuries, stone is the optimum choice for paving Ireland. Stone shrugs off harsh climate conditions, and its strength takes heavy weight in stride.

Whether paving in Dublin or paving in Cork, it’s essential to purchase stone paving materials from professionals who understand the nature of stone. Only skilled stone masons have the specialised skills that are required to select the right stone for the right application and to ensure that they are crafted to perfection.
Just as a granite counter-top can turn a kitchen into something special, granite paving stone can add a stylish, sophisticated look to a home’s exterior. About three times as strong as concrete, granite provides the durability needed for paving Dublin or paving Cork. Properly constructed stone paving tiles can easily outlast any other material.
Granite, sandstone and limestone paving tiles offer a lot of versatility as well. Available in a broad range of colours, shapes and sizes, stone paving slabs can lend an air of distinction to any number of decorative styles. Stone Paving tiles can be arranged in endless designs and patterns, too, offering home-owners opportunities to express personal style and tastes. Stone paving enriches the look of a home and elevates the style of the neighbourhood, too. When it comes to paving Ireland, there’s no question that the most durable and beautiful materials are stone.
S&N Granite we use the finest quality natural stone available to ensure beautiful & long lasting results for your paving area. We specialise in granite paving tiles, as well as limestone and sandstone for structural and paving purposes. A variety of choices of colour, shape and application will satisfy the needs of any consumer. Contact S&N Granite Ireland today to find out more or visit our showroom to view our wide range of limestone, granite & natural stone paving tiles.