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Best Treatment For Natural Stone Window Sills

All natural stone window sills are an attractive way to update an older home. It’s often preferred due to how easy the product is to maintain. When properly treated, there is very little to do beyond a wipe down with regular soap and water.

A window sill made of traditional wood products will rot over time. There’s also the additional duty and expense involved in keeping the wood painted. Natural stone window sills don’t demand constant attention.
A vinyl coated window sill doesn’t weather well. Eventually they are prone to cracks and discolouration. What may start out as a durable product breaks down rapidly with each transfer from winter to summer temperature extremes.
Stone window sills made of granite are easily cleaned with a stone soap that is designed to get down into the pores of the sill. They can then be coated with a protective layer that is transparent and makes the stone safe from stains like rust or mud. Be sure and coat with a protection that is made to cover stone. A normal acrylic coating will not work.
A limestone window sill requires an application of a hardening coat that will protect it from scratches as well as staining. Limestone is softer and more porous than granite. It will still outlast most other types of sill products available today.
There are so many colours available in natural stone products. When properly sealed, you can feel confident in placing flower pots or ornamental items on the sill for display. They are easily cleaned by running a cloth with stone soap and water over the surface. Rinse with clear water and simply air dry for a perfectly clean window sill.
Natural stone is both captivating in beauty and easy to care for. Consider making the change to a window sill product that outlasts any you have tried before.