Sandstone and Limestone paving

Can Paving Stone & Landscaping Rock Help Your Garden Design?

There are few things in life more pleasurable than enjoying the beauty of nature, and it’s even more appealing when the view is of your own garden at home. When it becomes hard to see your garden’s best features for the forest of wild growth that surrounds them, however, it’s time to think about ways to add order to the landscape. Hardscaping features like stone paving, patios and landscaping rocks help define your garden’s boundaries, borders and beds, providing the visual contrast that you need tame nature’s wilder side.

The Art of Composition

Using the same composition concepts that painters employ when faced a blank canvas, you can turn your home garden into a masterpiece of landscape design. Learning how to direct the onlooker’s eye is the key to success. A few large-scale landscaping rocks, for example, create a focal point that instantly attracts attention. Staged on their own, they can give your garden a serene Zen feeling. Beds of smaller landscaping rocks provide the contrast that you need to showcase a specimen tree or shrub.

Stone Paving Surfaces

Patios and courtyards paved in stone create highly functional outdoor living spaces that also enhance the beauty of your home garden. Whether you prefer a well-ordered traditional garden or one that looks as if it’s part of the natural landscape, you’ll find paving stones to suit every taste. For an informal look, try the soft look and pale shades of limestone paving. As a material that adds a touch of colour to your garden, limestone paving adds beauty to your landscape in every season.

Functional Considerations

Nothing spoils your enjoyment of the great outdoors faster than stepping into a sinking pool of mud. Stone paving is the perfect solution when you want to stroll through your garden without ruining your shoes or you’d like to sit outside without sacrificing your comfort. Durable and easy to maintain, natural stone is a long-lasting material that can also help you solve problems with drainage, weeds and overgrown paths.

From stone patios designed for entertaining to landscaping rocks that add architectural interest to paths and plantings, natural stone is the ideal material for any outdoor paving application. Whether it’s a patio, path or drive, strategically placed hardscaping not only adds functionality to your landscape but also enriches the look of your corner of the natural world.

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