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Stone Cladding

Make a Feature Wall in Your Living Space with Internal Stone Cladding

Feature walls made a big splash in the design world in recent years as decorators finally reached the conclusion that there’s no reason for all the walls in a room to be the same colour. A feature wall in a different hue can turn a bland vertical space into a design statement that commands attention. If not done artfully, however, the abrupt change in colour can have a jarring effect. Today, savvy interior designers are realising that a wall with a different texture like natural stone cladding has a more pleasing impact on the viewer than one with a sharply contrasting colour. Read more

House with Stone Cladding Walls

How Do You Choose Your Stone Cladding Wall Materials?

Stone cladding can restore a historic home to its original glory and transform a modern home into a sophisticated and stylish abode. Cladding fashioned with natural stone offers more durability than any other materials, making it a functional choice for both interior and exterior applications. Because the cut, type and colour of the cladding stone you choose will also define the style of your home, you’ll want to explore all of your options to ensure the ideal selection. Read more

Quartz Stone Cladding

How & Why To Use Stone Cladding

How and Why to Use Stone Cladding

Natural stone is a material that has been used in construction for centuries to denote elegance, style and sophistication. When it comes to modern applications, however, the expense of using stacked stones for interior and exterior walls put the material out of reach of many homeowners. Real stone that has been cut into thin slices, stone cladding makes it easy and affordable for anyone to enjoy wall cladding that has the three-dimensional appearance of authentic stacked stone. Read more

Interior Stone Cladding

What Is Stone Cladding?

Homes have been built and decorated with stone for thousands of years, but home-owners have never added more options for achieving the look of stone construction, than they do today. From kitchen back splashes to garden walls, elegant fireplaces to rustic fire pits, stone cladding makes it possible to decorate just about any surface with natural stone, indoors and out.

The Benefits Of External Cladding Stone Structures

The exterior of a home or business is the structure’s first defence against extreme weather. The right building material will not only stand up to sun, wind, rain and snow but will add a level of insulation to the structure as well, lowering heating costs. As functional as it is beautiful, it’s hard to match natural stone for quality when it comes to external cladding. The cladding cut from stones like granite or slate offers both strength and style. Read more

Stone Cladding Entrance

Stone Walls & Entrance Pillars Design

Whether a home owner wants entrance pillars or stone gate posts to denote the entrance of the home or wants stone walls to adorn the property’s perimeter, the finest quality stone crafted my natural stone experts is the key to success. Stone walls and entrance pillars are available in a broad array of materials and designs but it takes the hands of skilled craftsmen to achieve a professional, polished result. It takes a stockist with a broad inventory of stone as well, ensuring that each business or home owner finds the perfect material and style. Read more


Our Competitively Priced Exterior Cladding For The Best Overall Home View

Nothing quite matches the pride that you’ll feel when you see the character and charm that stone cladding adds to your property. Light yet durable, external cladding delivers the long-lasting beauty of solid-stone walls at a fraction of the price. Our competitively priced exterior cladding meets the quality standards that you can expect from of all of our stone products. Crafted from the finest stone materials, including granite, slate, quartz and rustic brown stone, our stone cladding products are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Read more

Edwards Fireplace

Natural Stone Fireplaces & Internal Stone Cladding

It’s now coming up to that time of year when a cosy, warm fire is essential to beat off the sharp cold that lingers in the air. As well as providing you with great warmth and comfort, a fire’s crackling sounds and dancing flames become an immediate attraction to any room. Accentuate the atmosphere further and create an authentic homely atmosphere using a natural stone fireplace or some stone cladding. Read more