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Choosing Long Lasting Window Sills

Not too many exterior parts on a house take a pounding like the window sills. It’s not simply the fact that they are exposed to wind, rain and snow, but we also tend to lean things against them, or pile things on top. Wood is not able to withstand the punishment and begins to break down within a few years. Repainting helps, but eventually any type of wood used will begin to crack, chip and rot. Replacing window sills Ireland shouldn’t have to be done each and every decade. Read more

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S&N Granite’s Window Sill Variety

S&N Granite’s Window Sill Variety

The windowsills of the house are one of those details that make the house attractive. A window sill that is cracked, old, or rotted makes the house look unwelcoming, no matter how well the rest of the house is kept.
S&N Granite, the premier stone mason in Ireland, offers both their residential and commercial customers the very best quality when it comes to granite and limestone windowsills. Read more