Sandstone And Limestone Paving

Choosing Between Granite Paving & Granite Cobble For Your Driveway

When it comes to choosing the best stone material for your driveway, it’s hard to match granite for strength, durability and style. Around three times stronger than cement, granite drives can keep their good looks and functionality for as long as 100 years. Granite is available in a broad array of forms, from gravel to cut stones and cobble stones.

The following tips will help you determine which types of stone paving will suit your driveway project

Cobble Stone Paving

One of the original paving materials, cobble paving has a natural, Old-World look that makes it ideal for applications where the primary consideration is to create or to preserve a historically accurate style. Whether set in mortar or laid dry in sand, the hand-shaped appearance of cobble stones adds rustic charm to homes and businesses, built in a variety of architectural styles. Cobble paving has a rough finish that also makes it a functional option for drives in wet weather.

Granite Paving Choices and Designs

Because granite paving is typically machine cut, it offers a flatter surface, a tighter fit and a more uniform appearance. Granite pavers can be installed in a wide range of decorative patterns, from symmetrical geometric patterns to free-flowing fan and wave designs. A drive laid with a granite paving design can add subtle style to a home or business or can make a bold design statement that lets the drive take centre stage.

Granite gets its colour and striation from the quarry in which it is cut. Granite stone is available in a variety of colours, from deep charcoal grey to pale shades of beige. As naturally strong as cobble stone, which pavers made from granite are, long-lasting durability depends on the quality of the installation. When the work is carried out by experienced professionals, both granite paving and granite cobble will function well and look beautiful for many years to come.

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