Granite Window Arch

Choosing Long Lasting Window Sills

Not too many exterior parts on a house take a pounding like the window sills. It’s not simply the fact that they are exposed to wind, rain and snow, but we also tend to lean things against them, or pile things on top. Wood is not able to withstand the punishment and begins to break down within a few years. Repainting helps, but eventually any type of wood used will begin to crack, chip and rot. Replacing window sills Ireland shouldn’t have to be done each and every decade.

Finding a Durable Product 
The market is flooded with so many products that say they’ll do this, or protect against that. Nothing works better for window sills than a product that nature itself has melded and designed for millions of years.
Natural stone is both long-lasting and brings out the natural beauty of your home and surrounds. Limestone and granite both offer window sills Ireland optional colours that are resistant to stains. You’re sure to find one that enhances the landscape and features of your house.
An Honest Value 
Replacing the window sills will cost money. When they’re old and worn out, there’s no getting around it. The real savings comes from replacing them with a product that will last. Natural stone will not only resist damage from nicks and breaks, but it will never rot, or need painted year after year. The true value lies in being proactive against further replacement and maintenance costs. It’s the most practical choice out there.
Native Natural Stone 
Native natural stone is certainly the way to go for your window sills Ireland if you want the best prices and products that blend with the land. Being milled close by eliminates huge shipping costs, which the savings are passed on to you. Quality, durability and affordability are the hallmarks of natural stone sills.
S&N Granite are renowned as being one of the best window sills supplier in Ireland. They can be reached by telephone at +353 53 9383992, by fax at +353 53 9383996, by mobile at +353 86 822 5787. You can also visit their natural stone display area located in Camolin just an hour drive from Dublin.