Paving Stone Ideas

Choosing The Right Garden Paving Material

The paving material that you choose for your garden will define both the functionality and the style of the space. Garden paths, patios and terraces not only need to stand up to foot traffic but to the constant assault of sun, wind, rain and snow too. For its durability and resistance to weather, stone paving is a supremely practical choice, and it’s hard to match natural stone for sheer beauty as well. The following tips can help you select the stone paving material best for you.


Limestone for Chic and Sophisticated Style


The fine texture and muted colour palette of limestone paving works beautifully in a variety of applications, from gardens with an Old World ambience to chic and sleek modern designs. The fine grain and even coloration of limestone paving gives a patio, terrace or courtyard a smartly cohesive look that’s hard not to love.


Granite: A Legacy of Strength and Beauty


With three times the strength of cement, granite paving will keep its good looks for as long as you own your home. Available in every shade of the rainbow, high-quality granite is ideal for formal gardens. Whilst the stone costs more than others, a patio paved in granite is an investment in enduring style.


Create Drama and Mystery with Slate


Often used for flagstone applications, slate paving has a rich yet completely natural look that can add an enigmatic air of mystery to your garden. Perfect for rustic settings, slate is less hardy than other natural stones, so its best used in sheltered locations.


Perhaps the greatest benefit of natural stone as a flooring material for outdoor spaces is the freedom that it gives you to focus on decorative styles. The long-lasting and easy-to-maintain material is available in a virtually limitless array of sizes, shapes and colours, ensuring that you’ll find the ideal paving selection for your home garden.


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