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Final Cleaning of Your Indian Sandstone Driveway Before the Winter Really Arrives

Sandstone paving -Sandstone coloured circleProperly installed, an Indian sandstone driveway is a durable long-lasting surface that can withstand virtually any amount of traffic. With the right slope, good drainage and regular maintenance, the paving stone can handle winter’s ice and snow with ease. Giving the stone paving a thorough cleaning before Old Man Winter rounds the corner is the most important part of pre-season maintenance. Follow these steps to help keep your Indian sandstone drive slip-free and stylish all winter long.

Start with a Survey

Whether you have a long, sweeping drive or a short driveway that you count on to keep your feet dry as you dash to the door, set aside enough time to make a meticulous inspection of the entire surface before cleaning. Pay particular attention to the condition of the joints between the paving stones. Take note of any spots where water tends to accumulate, look for stains and check for any cracks in the stones. You’ll need to address these problems to keep your stone paving safe and secure through the winter.

Cleaning Techniques

How you clean your paving stone driveway largely depends on whether you used sand or mortar to hold the stones in place. Paving set in a bed of sand perform beautifully in cold weather as they can move as the ground freezes and thaws, but using power washers and leaf blowers can dislodge the sand. A stiff broom is a safer option. You may need to replenish the joints with fresh sand. If the stones are held together with grout or mortar, fill any cracks in the joints and allow it dry completely before driving on it.

Stubborn Stains

Substances like algae, mildew and moss not only make driveways slippery but can cause permanent damage to the stone paving. A mild solution of bleach can be used to remove them. Stains caused by oil and grease are a tougher problem. If a solution of dish soap and water doesn’t resolve them, you can try a diluted solution of ammonia, mineral spirits or acetone.


Finally, if your natural stone driveway harbours puddles and pools, you’ll want to improve the drainage before winter begins. Solutions range from installing drain pipes to creating swales that funnel water to a different location. With its earthy colours and natural frost resistance, Indian sandstone is a beautiful and practical choice for driveways, and with regular maintenance, it will last for many, many winters to come.

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