Black tumbled granite cobble

Contemporary Paving Ideas

Stone paving has been used to add functionality and decorative appeal to gardens and home interiors for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean your paving can’t look fresh and modern. Natural stone paving is ingrained with the characteristics that epitomise the contemporary style: streamlined forms, clean lines and minimal ornamentation. From mid-century modern designs to the latest twists in paving applications, here are four ideas that can add a contemporary look to your home, inside and out.

1. All About Spacing

Outdoors, the number one leading trend in stone paving is to use large rectangular-shaped paving slabs as stepping stones. This look creates the sweeping horizontal lines closely associated with modern design and has practical applications as well. Whether the spaces between the paving slabs are filled with gravel, small stones or ground-cover plantings, they provide ample drainage in wet weather. The paving slabs can be arranged in either a symmetrical pattern or in a zigzag design.

2. Contrasting Colours and Textures

For a mid-century modern look, mosaic paving designs are ideal. In a mosaic design, pavers in varying sizes and shapes are arranged in a geometric pattern. The modern take on mosaics is to insert a few stones in bright contrasting colours into the design. Whether framing a limestone paving design with a crushed stone border or installing a wood deck platform over a corner of the design, contrasting textures add contemporary appeal to outdoor applications as well.

3. Irregular Borders

Avant-garde paving trends include patterns that break through the boundaries of conventional designs. Instead of a neat and tidy border, the pattern may jut out into the surrounding landscape with bold and eye-catching flair.

4. Stand-out Indoor Paving Trends

Inside the home, paving designs that make interiors look dynamic and spacious lead the contemporary trends. Square limestone paving arranged on a diagonal, for example, add a feeling of movement to the space and can make a room feel larger than it actually is. When it comes to the making a modern style statement, there are few home features that attract the eye more forcibly than a fireplace covered with stone cladding from the floor to the ceiling.
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