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Create Outdoor Ambiance With Indian Sandstone Paving

The subtle texture and colouring of Indian sandstone is making the stone a popular choice for paving drives, patios and paths. When choosing materials for outdoor garden and patio areas it is important to choose stones that will stand up to Ireland’s climate extremes. Quality sandstone will retain its favourable slip resistance in rainy weather. Whether purchasing Indian sandstone Ireland or any other type of paving stone, it’s always best to deal with companies that truly understand stone, those who employ skilled and experienced stone masons.

Master stone masons undergo years of extensive training in the field and in the classroom. They have intimate knowledge of the characteristics of Indian sandstone. A professional stone company will offer a broad variety of stones and will work with the homeowner to establish the type of stone and pattern that will best complement the home’s decorative style. Whether it’s paving laid out in a complicated geometrical pattern or in an elegant circular design, Indian sandstone paving installed with expertise will enhance the look of any home for many years to come.
Indian sandstone Ireland is available in a variety of colours and textures. Indian sandstone has a natural, rustic appeal, but as it has an uneven surface, it requires expert and precise handling something that S&N Granite have become known for. Calibrated sandstone has a more uniform thickness, making it a good choice for classic paving designs. Colours include creamy beige, pale green and muted grey.
Installing Indian sandstone paving is both an art and a science. Designs take a keen eye and an artistic sensibility. Ensuring that the gap between each stone is uniform and regular takes skill and experience. With the assistance of the right stockist, homeowners are sure to achieve the right outdoor ambiance with Indian sandstone paving.
At S&N Granite our stone masons have extensive knowledge of each material to ensure they understand the technique when working with these natural stones. This allows us to create the perfect Garden paving patio tiles to suit your home and will last for years to come.
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