Sandstone paving -Sandstone coloured circle

Creating A Unique Limestone Or Sandstone Paving Design For Your Outdoor Area

Available in an abundance of natural colours ranging from rustic brown to soft shades of grey, sandstone and limestone paving stones are ideal for adding style to the outdoor areas of your home. Whether used to create a piquant accent for your patio or an eye-catching centre piece in your front garden, stone paving is even more effective when arranged in a unique design. Stone paving designs give you the chance to create a custom look for your home that reflects your sense of style and taste.

Stone Mosaic Drives for Style and Durability

A long-lasting surface that welcomes family and guests to your home in style, drives paved with limestone or sandstone designs are as functional as they are decorative. Colour, shape and size are three factors to consider when creating a stone paving design for your drive. Designs are most effective when they echo the home’s architectural style. Options include symmetrical paving stones in various shades of the same colour, stones shaped into different sizes laid out in a seemingly random pattern and drives crafted with distinctive border designs.

Flooring for Outdoor Living Areas

Limestone and sandstone paving stones are perfect for creating custom flooring designs for a back garden patio. From geometric patterns for a formal look to a free-wheeling mix of colours for a bold contemporary design statement, sandstone and limestone paving adapt to every decorative style. Sandstone paving stones in warm colours will brighten up a shady location. Limestone paving in shades of greyish blue adds drama and excitement to entertainment areas.

Whether it’s a patio floor with a pattern as intricate as a Persian rug or a sleek and sophisticated border for your front drive, proper installation is as important as choosing the right stones and pattern. The site must be carefully prepared and the stone paving installed by skilled professionals. With help from qualified stone masons, sandstone and limestone paving designs offer you the opportunity enhance your outdoor areas with stellar style.

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