stone carving sculpture

Decorate Your Garden With A Stone Carving Sculpture

Just as in interior design, gardens and landscapes need focal points to make the most of their natural beauty. Water features, paths & paving, planters and seating can all create effective focal points, but nothing matches the charm of a focal point in the form of gardens sculpture. Whether it’s a stone carving sculpture of a pensive maiden, or depictions of charming sculpture of animals, statues in the garden create focal points that combine the beauty of nature with art.

In the hands of an experienced stone mason, granite is crafted into magnificent sculpture gardens will appreciate that reflects both the skill of the artist and the personal taste and style of the garden’s owner. Home-owners are free to indulge in a passion for peacocks or in a personal collection of portly pigs, knowing that they are adding visual interest to their gardens that all onlookers will enjoy.

To add drama to a garden scene, home-owners may choose to feature grander sculpture animals, such as tigers or elephants. Large-scale statues belie the size of a small garden, making it appear that around the bend, there may be other mysteries to uncover. Statement sculptures are a good choice when the goal is to invite guests to explore the garden actively.

To establish the atmosphere of a garden retreat, one where family and friends will linger, rest and relax, statues with a more domestic feeling are appropriate, such as a sculpture of a goat nestling her offspring. Children at play are another effective option, creating an atmosphere of childlike wonder and innocence.

A stone carving sculpture gives gardens a look of permanence, too, a good choice for both formal gardens, where they look as if they have been displayed for years, or for informal gardens, where they will appear to be treasured remnants of a bygone age.

S&N Granite specialise in sculpture for gardens, using the finest natural stone materials for every stone carving sculpture. They also design specially commissioned pieces so you can choose the perfect sculpture for your garden area whether is sculpture of animals or people or anything else. Contact S&N Granite today to find out more or visit our showroom to view our wide range of granite products.