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Design Ideas For Paving Layouts

Natural stone is the most durable and luxurious of paving materials, elevating both the look and the market value of your property. With the wide variety of colours, textures and sizes available, stone paving can also be used to create a one-of-a-kind layout and pattern. Whether you want a limestone paving driveway that complements your home’s colour palette or an attention-grabbing design as the centrepiece for your patio, the following design ideas may spark your imagination.

Popular Stone Paving Patterns

The running bond pattern is among the most popular layout choices. Rectangular paving stones are installed in rows with the sides of the stones in odd-numbered rows lining up with the centre of the stones in even-numbered rows. This easy-to-implement arrangement is more stable as well as more visually appealing than a basic stacked bond design.
Other popular patterns include stack bond, basket weave and diamond designs. For a larger installation like a driveway, the complexity of the pattern that you choose for your application may depend on whether you’re installing the stone yourself or getting help from a qualified professional. Complex patterns like herringbone, pin-wheel and diagonal designs require precision cutting and installation. A complex design, however, can be an engaging project for a DIY patio installation.

Framed in Style

Just as a row of columns adds a stately aura to architecture, a stone paving border gives a driveway, path or patio an air of formality and structure. Headers can be laid with either the narrow or wide side of the pavers abutting the pattern or in a diagonal configuration. Edging lends a feeling of order to complex patterns and adds sophistication to straight-forward designs.

Artful Designs

Sandstone and limestone paving materials are available in a broad array of colours and shapes that look beautiful when arranged in a free-flowing pattern. At S&N Granite, we offer rectangular, square and circular paving in a wide range of sizes so you can create your own signature design. Insert a medallion design into patio paving for eye-catching style. Mix and match square and rectangular pavers for a natural look. When it comes to layouts and patterns, our broad selection ensures that you’ll find everything that you need to create the ideal design for your home.
At S&N Granite we provide a wide range of paving products including limestone paving & Indian sandstone paving which are sure to meet your design needs for your patio or driveway. Contact us to find out more information about our paving products or visit our new paving display area located at our showrooms in Camolin, County Wexford, less than an hour from Dublin.