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Do It Yourself Or Use A Professional Stone Mason?

Do It Yourself or Use a Professional Stone Mason?

When it comes to building a stylish and functional patio, it’s hard to beat natural stone paving for durability and beauty. Well installed patio paving in the right stone, colour and shape can transform a generic space into something spectacular. Once you’ve decided to use stone paving for your outdoor living space, the next choice is whether to install the patio yourself or to hire a professional stone mason for the job. These tips can help you decide which option is best for you.


Weighing Up Your Options

Both professional and DIY installations have advantages and disadvantages. While there’s no denying that a professional installation adds to the overall cost of the project, the effort and skill involved in a DIY installation can sometimes be prohibitive. Chief among the obstacles in a DIY job is the physical weight of the stones. If you’ve chosen a design that incorporate large paving stones, it’s best to leave the project in the hands of a professional. It takes a lot of muscle to lift large paving stones into the correct position. It requires a certain level of artistic talent to arrange large stones in a design that looks well too.

Choose the Optimal Paving Installation Method

There are two basic types of installation methods: mortar and dry-laid. Because the dry-laid method sets the stones in gravel or sand without using mortar to seal the gaps between the stones, it’s generally more DIY-friendly, particularly when using brick-sized or uniformly shaped stones laid out in a simple pattern. Using a wooden frame can help ensure that the stones line up as intended.

Mortar applications offer better durability and a more sophisticated look. Because mortared applications typically require the use of heavy equipment as well as a higher level of skill and expertise, most people prefer to enlist the help of a professional stone mason. The stone mason will grade the space, dig out several inches of soil, cover the ground with gravel and lay down a layer of cement. The stones are then set with mortar. Stone masons are a great resource when it comes to choosing quality stones for your application as well.

Stone patio paving DIY projects are ideal for those accustomed working with specialised tools and for those who love the challenge of physical work. If your primary goal is to achieve results which look polished and professional, however, getting help from a professional ensures success.

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