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Drainage Considerations For Stone Paving

Just as a granite counter-top elevates the style of your kitchen, stone paving lends your home an air of sophistication and elegance. Whether you choose paving slabs for a patio application or cobble paving for a stylish stone driveway, proper installation ensures that the surface will be as functional as it is fashionable. Providing adequate drainage for stone paving is the key to a successful installation.

Drainage Tips for Natural Stone Driveways

Stone paver’s for driveways can be installed using either a dry-laid or wet-mortar method. For drives with light traffic, dry-laid driveways will provide adequate support while enhancing drainage. Dry-laid driveways are typically installed over a base of gravel, covered with a compacted bed of sand. For driveways with heavy vehicle traffic, stones should be installed in a wet-mortar setting bed that’s supported by a secure base of concrete, reinforced with heavy wire.
With either installation method, the drive should be stabilised and sloped to allow for the draining of surface water. A good rule of thumb is to slope the grade down two centimetres, every 10 centimetres. If your property is flat with no opportunity for sloping, you can create a crown along the centre of the drive what will allow water to flow down the sides of the driveway into the soil or into drainage channels.

Well-Drained Stone Pathways and Patios

In addition to following the drainage tips suggested for driveways, the paving design that you choose for your stone paths and patios can aid in preventing puddles and pools as well. Irregular shaped paving slabs can be installed with wide spaces between the slabs to encourage drainage. The gaps can be filled with sand, gravel or pebbles or with ground-cover plants like moss or grass. Ensuring that the soil and planting beds that border the paving is conducive to drainage also helps ensure water doesn’t collect on patios and paths.
In areas subject to heavy rains and flooding, installing underground drainage pipes specifically designed to collect water from soil, can be a worthwhile investment. Proper drainage will not only significantly reduce maintenance tasks for your stylish stone driveway, path or patio but will also ensure that it looks fashionable for many years to come.
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