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External Cladding Enhances Structures

External cladding is a method of placing a veneer of one substance over the exterior of a building. This provides several benefits to the surface including increasing the resistance to damage and weather, in addition to the increased aesthetics.
As most external cladding materials are stronger than other materials such as wood, it is much more resistant to damage from outside forces. This reduces the wear and tear on the structure, and reduces maintenance costs. Stone of all sorts is quite resistant to outside forces, and will usually chip rather than break except under extreme forces. This makes it a very good option for exterior cladding for structures.
Exterior cladding also forms the first line of defence against wind and water from entering the structure, and potentially causing dry rot or degrading the insulation. While most structures now use some sort of sheathing, having another line of defence against wind and water from inclement weather is always worthwhile against such a devastating problem. Sheathing, by itself, tends to be insufficient against wind entering the structure as well. Natural stone is the best solution to both problems, and do not have the vulnerability at the joints that other exterior cladding options have.
Another benefit to exterior cladding is a property unique to stone cladding materials, is its ability to bear a structural load. Whether bearing a roof or a balcony, stone’s strength means that it can be used in situations that would leave other options vulnerable to collapse.
Finally, external cladding effect can add an appealing design to the exterior of any building type. View some cladding effects used on houses here and see for yourself.
External cladding is useful for many reasons. From additional weather proofing, to damage resistance and structural support, cladding will provide many benefits to reduce the maintenance on the structure and increase its ability to withstand weather and damage.
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