Stone Cladding

Make a Feature Wall in Your Living Space with Internal Stone Cladding

Feature walls made a big splash in the design world in recent years as decorators finally reached the conclusion that there’s no reason for all the walls in a room to be the same colour. A feature wall in a different hue can turn a bland vertical space into a design statement that commands attention. If not done artfully, however, the abrupt change in colour can have a jarring effect. Today, savvy interior designers are realising that a wall with a different texture like natural stone cladding has a more pleasing impact on the viewer than one with a sharply contrasting colour.

Adding Visual Interest

When it comes to home decorating, furnishings and accessories tend to receive the lion’s share of attention, but because they cover such a large area of visual space, it’s the wall treatments that often determine whether a design succeeds or fails.
Installing stone cladding on a single interior wall gives you the opportunity to add visual interest to the space without overpowering it. The texture, colour and pattern of the cladding wall adds a feeling of depth and dimension, transforming an otherwise uninteresting wall into a design feature that enriches the entire space.

Stone Cladding Wall Options

Natural stone cladding is real stone that has been carefully carved and sawn into thin pieces. Its light weight means that they can be used for feature walls in any room of your home. The broad selection of natural stone cladding available today ensures that you’ll have a virtually unlimited choice of sizes, shapes, colours and materials. Whether it’s a rustic stone that gives the appearance of a hand-laid retaining wall or precision-cut limestone, marble or granite cladding for a contemporary look, there’s no limit to the style you can achieve.

Cladding Wall Installation

The way the stone cladding is installed pays an important role as well. The mortar used to hold the stones in place can be nearly invisible or can enhance the overall pattern with a thick border. There are even pigments available that you can mix into the mortar to match or contrast with the stone. Whether you do the installation work yourself or hire a professional mason, the secret to achieving pleasing results lies in laying the stone with proportion and scale in mind. A feature wall of oversized stones can look great in a large living area with high ceilings but can easily overwhelm a smaller room. Come and visit our display area in Co. Wexford where we will discuss the best stone cladding option for you. Simply call us on 053 9383992 or click here to fill out a contact us form.