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Garden Paving Patio Ideas For All Seasons

No matter the size of your yard, a patio or garden is an invitation to step outside. The trend toward outdoor living is growing and there is a profusion of patio paving ideas to extend your living space to the other side of your back door.

Even a tiny back yard can contain a paved retreat just large enough for a table and chairs, surrounded by flowers, a couple of shrubs and a fruit tree, interspersed with strawberry and tomato plants and a few different kinds of lettuce for that tasty summer salad. A paving patio area can create the perfect place to sit out in during the summer and spring months.

Natural stone materials are the perfect solution to paving patio and garden areas. Patio tiles of limestone paving, granite and sandstone are as attractive as the tiles used for inside flooring and can be used as a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living. Patio and garden paving tiles of stone are thick and dense enough to handle daily natural elements from all seasons throughout the year.
Outdoor living spaces don’t have to be attached to the house to have that pull that brings you outside. A gazebo built over the cooling tiles of natural stone is the ideal place to sit and read or catch up on email or computer work.
Garden paving includes pathway stones that can be incorporated to direct water to or away from certain plots. Stones for paving patio and garden areas are easy to walk on without being slippery when moisture is present. Natural stone pavers are easy to maintain and should be installed to facilitate drainage away from structures.
At S&N Granite our stone masons have extensive knowledge of each material to ensure they understand the technique when working with these natural stones. This allows us to create the perfect Garden paving patio tiles to suit your home and will last for years to come. Contact S&N Granite today to inquire or come to our premises and see some of our stunning Patio paving ideas.