Stone Cladding Suppliers

Give Your Home A New Look With Stone Cladding

Are you looking to change the external appearance of your home? Stone cladding may be what you are looking for.  External stone cladding can transform how your home looks. Due to its minimal installation time, it is becoming a popular choice for people Stone cladding materials come in a variety of colours and materials which means you have many options and will find a colour to suit the look you want to achieve.
Stone cladding gives the appearance of a solid stone wall, when it is actually just the surface of the wall that has been covered with stone cladding. So External stone cladding can give you the look of a stone wall but at a lower cost and shorter installation time.
There are many different stone cladding options to choose from, granite rock faced stone cladding, slate cladding stone and quartz stone cladding. Each of these materials can give their own unique feel to your building. Quartz stone cladding can give your home a bright appearance while slate cladding stone is particularly suitable as external wall cladding as it has an extremely low water absorption index.
One of the main reasons for using stone cladding is for the unique look it can give your home. It also brings with it other benefits such as adding strength to your exterior walls and insulation benefits in terms of both maintaining temperature levels and noise reduction.
At S&N Granite we have a wide range of stone cladding products which could be used to give your home a new look. S&N Granite is conveniently located in Camolin, just an hour outside of Dublin. You are welcome to visit our large showroom where we have an extensive collection of external cladding stone designs on show. If you need more information on our stone cladding products please contact us.