Interior Stone Cladding

How Can Stone Cladding Be Used Inside Your Home

Nothing matches the look of natural stone when it comes to polished and elegant interiors. Today, the appearance of stone construction is less costly and easier to achieve with quality stone cladding and cladding supplies. Real stone that has been expertly split and cut into lightweight, thin sheets, cladding lets you enhance the décor of every room in your home at prices that you can afford. From a rustic fireplace to a stylish bathtub surround, stone veneers offers you opportunities to instill your interior spaces with a distinctive atmosphere and elevated style.

Material Matters

The decorative effect that you achieve with stone cladding largely depends upon the type of stone that you choose. For durable style, slate cladding offers a natural beauty with a robust strength that makes it ideal for covering walls, fireplaces and counters. Limestone is a softer stone with a timeless look that adds Old-World appeal. Quartz veneers cladding offers stand-out style for creating a focal point in your dining room or entry hall. Featuring specks of mica, quartz and feldspar, granite is the strongest option. Granite stone adds a look of sophistication to both contemporary and classic decorative styles.

Colourful Options

The colour of the stone cladding that you choose affects the mood and ambience of the space as well. Dark-coloured stones like slate and granite add a sense of drama and dynamism to interiors. Softer stones like limestone and soapstone come in subtle, watercolour shades that imbue interiors with an earthy atmosphere.

With a flat rear surface, thin-cut stacked stones are easier to apply than solid stones but still require careful application to look their best. Whether you hire a skilled stone mason to undertake the task or do the job yourself, we offer all the cladding supplies that you’ll need. Whichever method you choose, the lightweight veneers ensure that you won’t be too exhausted at the end of the project to enjoy the handsome results.

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