House with Stone Cladding Walls

How Do You Choose Your Stone Cladding Wall Materials?

Stone cladding can restore a historic home to its original glory and transform a modern home into a sophisticated and stylish abode. Cladding fashioned with natural stone offers more durability than any other materials, making it a functional choice for both interior and exterior applications. Because the cut, type and colour of the cladding stone you choose will also define the style of your home, you’ll want to explore all of your options to ensure the ideal selection.

Types Of Natural Stone Cladding

Cladding stone is natural stone that has been carved into thin slices, making a veneer that’s light enough for use on virtually any indoor or outdoor surface. Slate and granite are good choices for outdoor applications. Both have a low water absorption index that allows them to stand up well to inclement weather. Quartz cladding has a variegated look that adapts well to an array of decorative and architectural styles. Rustic brown wall cladding is perfect for indoor feature walls as it creates eye-catching focal points in entry halls, living spaces and dining rooms.

Cut for Character and Style

Although the back of cladding stone is cut smooth for easy application, the front surface can feature a broad range of textures, sizes, cuts and configurations. Some facades look as if they’re made up of whole stones stacked by hand whilst others are precision cut into even shapes and sizes or into intricate patterns and designs. You can view a full assortment of stone cladding options at the expansive display area at S&N Granite in Camolin, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford to find the perfect choice for your indoor or outdoor application. You can also contact one of our experts by email or phone by clicking through to our contact page here.