Quartz stone cladding and granite door arch

How Stone Cladding & Stone Paving Can Enhance Your Home

Strategic use of stone cladding and stone paving in and around your home can enhance both the beauty and value. Landscaping that is aesthetically pleasing leaves a good first impression to either guests or potential buyers. With a little ingenuity and planning, paving projects can add timeless charm to the atmosphere of both indoor and outdoor areas. The product will last for many years with very little maintenance and fuss.

Stacking Stones

Creating a stone veneer for walls, or stone cladding, can completely change the way the outside of a home looks. It’s also a great way to bring a bit of nature indoors. Stacking stones for a fireplace surround, covering a den wall or to encase a wet bar gives a rustic feel that has become really popular over the last few years. Home-owners are realising that the use of stone cladding to change the looks of a home lasts much longer than traditional paints or siding.

Walkways and Driveways

Having adequate parking space and being able to navigate around the property unencumbered makes the addition of good driveways and walkways priceless. This is especially true if the property is sizeable. Stone paving walks around the home, gardens and any out-buildings are attractive as well as functional. One-piece concrete driveways are subject to chips and cracking, especially with a few seasonal temperature changes. Paving and stone slab driveways offer a more flexible option for parking your vehicle. It can better distribute the weight of the vehicle and not become stressed and cracked.

The Floor Face-Lift

It does not always take a huge amount of change and expense to give your home a face-lift. Making a home more contemporary can be as easy as installing stone paving flooring. Bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, patios and indoor garden areas are perfect for paving flooring products. The wide range of colours and texture guarantee that you’ll find the perfect one for every area of the home.

How to Know if You Need to Change Your Driveway Paving

Using natural paving stones for driveways is certainly a much more durable option than most. When using quality paving suppliers or paving supplies they are flexible enough to withstand years of use without cracking or chipping. Though they are relatively low maintenance, there will come a time that the driveway paving stones or slabs need to be changed.

Excessive Staining

Natural stone paving and paving slabs are porous and without sealant applied, are subject to stains. Petroleum products that leak from vehicles will eventually turn the colour of the stone. If the stones or slabs are set in sand, you can simply turn them over to hide the stains. Eventually you might have to consider changing the stones out for new product. Application of a natural stone sealant over the new paving will help keep this problem from happening.

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