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How To Create An Indoor-Outdoor Connection With Stone Paving

Stone sets the bar high when it comes to home design. The material is known for its beauty, durability and timeless appeal. When installed as stone paving for paths, patios and driveways, the material also offers opportunities to create a visual connection in your home with the landscape outside. By repeating design elements from your landscape inside your home, interiors can blend seamlessly with your home’s exteriors.

Establish an Indoor-Outdoor Connection

When the goal is to link the look of your garden with your home’s living spaces, employ the same types of strategies that interior designers use to create a coherent style in home décor. Choose unifying elements that will add a cohesive feeling to the overall space. For best results you need to choose top quality paving supplies from a trustworthy paving supplier. For inspiration, take cues from the colour, shape and size of the paving stones.

For stellar style, marry your home’s interior design with the architectural style of the stone paving. If rustic shaped flagstones dominate the garden, carry the style indoors to create a casual, cottage or Old-World look. If the focal point of the landscape is a drive or patio set with paving stones organised in a complex, symmetrical pattern, choose furnishings with the same formal feeling.

Bring the Beauty of Stone Indoors

For a compelling indoor-outdoor connection, use the same type of paving stones used for you garden stone paving inside your home. Stone materials like granite, limestone and sandstone are as attractive as indoor flooring as they are for outdoor patios. Consider installing fold-away or sliding glass doors that allow you to blur the boundary between interiors and exteriors in a moment.

Stone design elements can be employed throughout your home’s living spaces to connect indoor décor with the landscape. From accents like stone window sills, arches and columns to eye-catching design statements like a stone fireplace or flight of stairs, quality stone products and paving supplies offer opportunities to bring the beauty of nature indoors and to showcase your flair for design.

S&N Granite provides high quality paving supplies in Ireland and can help you shape the landscape of your outdoor area as well as the appearance of your interior. To see more natural stone products click here. If you need to discuss your project with one of our staff please contact us or directly come visit our showroom in Camolin.