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How To Design A Well-Thought-Out Paving Stone Patio

A properly installed and well thought out paving stone patio enhances the look of your home and makes outdoor living more enjoyable. Whether you want a limestone paving patio that harmonises with the architectural style of your home or a granite stone patio built for heavy use, careful planning and preparation ensures that you’ll be pleased with the results for many years to come.

Set Clear Design Goals

Setting design goals is the first step to take when you’re planning a new stone paving patio. Your design objectives will not only determine the function and purpose of the space but will inform the aesthetic choices for the paving as well. What kind of activities will the space be used for? When will you be using the patio? Will the patio serve as your garden’s central focal point or would you like it to blend in with the landscape? The answers to these questions can help you choose stone paving that complements your lifestyle as well as your artistic taste.

Draw Up a Plan

It’s much easier to push a pencil around a piece of graph paper than to haul stones around your yard or garden. Draw a to-scale plan that includes all of your patio’s important dimensions and features, from the boundaries of the space to the garden’s orientation to the sun and to your home. If you plan to use the space for entertaining or for night-time use, include locations for utility outlets as well.

If you want your new patio to become the centrepiece of your garden, consider creating a unique pattern or design. Pre-cut calibrated granite, sandstone or limestone paving slabs make it easy to craft designs in a variety of shapes, patterns and configurations. Whether it’s a circular shape with an ornate border or a herringbone pattern constructed for durability, your design is only limited by your imagination.

When your plan is complete, take your drawing with you when you visit S & N Granite. We’ll help you determine the proper amount of paving materials and supplies that you’ll need to bring your vision of the ideal patio to life.

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