Sandstone and Limestone paving

How To Use The Different Types Of Limestone Paving

There are two very obvious characteristics that make limestone paving an attractive option for any homeowner. One is the quality of the natural stone product itself. They are typically low maintenance and not in need of frequent replacement. The other is the versatility in which it can be used. The number of projects and ways to use stone paving is limited only by your imagination. Paving projects can be carried out both indoors and out. The variety of colours, shape and texture bring originality to any project you tackle.

Sand Bedding

Outdoor patios, garden paths, pool surrounds, greenhouse floors and driveways can be constructed by simply leveling the ground for the flooring, and then laying a covering of sand to place the limestone into. The sand provides a stable base for the stone. You can use a mixture of colours, shapes and textures. Stone slab use for driveways offers durability and flexibility that lasts for many years.

Mortar Setting

Cobblestone patios, walks and driveways are very attractive, but the stone has to be set in mortar. This requires a little more work to install the stone paving, but the results are stunning. There are also a myriad of items such as outdoor tables, benches and fence posts that can be constructed by merely adding a layer of mortar as you stack the limestone paving material. Small garden walls can be created by simply stacking the paving without mortar.

Indoor Flooring

Kitchens, entryways, bathrooms and sun rooms are popular places to install limestone paving, such as travertine. The installation requires the use of mortar, but when properly sealed, the floor is waterproof and will look beautiful for a long time. There are colours that will match any interior. The use of stone paving for indoor flooring is an excellent choice for any high traffic area. Paving products outlast all types of natural wood and plastic products that are made today.

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