Residental House with Granite Door Arch, Quoins and Window Cills

How Window Sills Can Add To Your Home Exterior

The window sills of your home are an important architectural aspect of the building. Designed to shed water away from the opening under your window, they must be fitted and installed properly to ensure that your home stays dry.

The windows sill does more than serve to protect your home from the intrusion of water. Imagine the stunning impact of a wide, stone window sill that decorations your home. A powerful statement, it would add beauty and style to the home. Durable, strong and elegant, natural stone windows sills can be the perfect finishing touch on any home.
The main benefit of choosing quality stone window sills are how attractive natural stone windows sill look. Also, there is very little maintenance involved with stone, and you will never have to worry about painting it. Finally, stone is the best choice to prevent water from slowly finding its way into the walls of your home.
Durable, attractive and refined, a natural stone windows sill is the perfect addition to any home. If you are upgrading your windows, consider adding natural stone to the window sills for beauty, security and style. S&N Granite are a leading natural stone company in Ireland who can provide you with the highest quality window sills. Contact S&N Granite Stone supplies today to find out the full range of window sills available or visit our natural stone display area today.