Stone Paving

Ideas For Garden & Patio Paving Designs

For driveways, paths and patios nothing quite matches the appeal of paving stones set in eye-catching paving patterns. Sandstone, limestone and granite paving are attractive in their own right, but when arranged in pleasing designs, they are elevated into art. A paving design can transform a drive into a unique, outdoor mosaic that instantly establishes a home’s style.

Choosing the right paving design for a home not only requires an understanding of the home-owners personal tastes and the overall design of the home, but demands a thorough knowledge of the characteristics and qualities of materials used. Stone paving tiles must be cut and laid with care and accuracy to create a surface that will be as long-lasting as it is visually appealing.

The various shapes, textures, colours and sizes of stone paving material inspire a broad spectrum of paving patterns, from precision-cut circular designs to complex combinations of geometrical shapes. A distinctive patio border clearly marks the point where the patio ends and plantings begin. A driveway bordered in a different shade or pattern of stone helps delineate the parking area from an adjacent walkway.

Paving designs expand style options for any number of outdoor surfaces and areas, turning simple kerbs, borders and entryways into attention-grabbing focal points. Colours may complement those in the home or garden or may contrast with them to add visual depth and interest. With the wide variety of colours available, design possibilities are limitless.

The inimitable look of stone makes it the best option for paving designs that add elegance and style. Stone materials such as limestone or sandstone offer an affordable way to raise the value of a home as well. Organising the stones into striking paving patterns creates a stand-out look that lends an air of polish and sophistication to a home.

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