Designing interiors that have an aura of authenticity and sophistication takes more than simply fitting out the rooms with appropriate furnishings. It’s the architectural details in a space that have the most influence on the overall effect. The eye is naturally drawn to structural elements like natural stone fireplaces. Interior stone cladding offers you opportunities to capitalise on these natural focal points and to create new centrepieces for style within your home as well.

Natural Stone Fireplaces

No feature in a room commands more attention than a natural stone fireplace. Not every homeowner, however, is fortunate enough to have a built-in hearth crafted from marble, limestone or granite stone. Split and cut from real stone into thin veneer materials, interior stone cladding lets you enjoy the look and durability of a real stone fireplace for a fraction of the cost. The light-weight cladding works for virtually any fireplace application and helps you achieve the authentic look that you want for your most important living spaces.

Make a Style Statement

Whether it’s a stone facade that elevates the style of a formal dining room or a feature wall in a sleek modern bath, stone cladding can make an impressive style statement in any room in your home. To give an entrance hall the look of a historic period, consider covering the walls with granite stone cladding. Even a visitor with a well-trained eye will be hard-pressed to distinguish the difference between a stone wall and a surface clad in stone veneer.

To make a strong style statement, choose a stone that contrasts with the surrounding walls, floors or ceiling. For a subtle effect, select a stone in a colour and texture that complements other furnishings in the space. If you need further inspiration, you’ll discover an array of cladding stones to choose from at the S&N Granite showroom. Call by and see them for yourself. We are located in Camolin, Co. Wexford, only an hour from Dublin. We offer all of the supplies that you need for every stone cladding project as well.