Entrance gates provide a measure of protection, gates invite and welcome as well. Quality driveway gates inform visitors that they have reached somewhere special.

Stone gate posts not only convey a feeling of history, security and permanence but a sense of the home-owners taste for quality as well. Available in a variety of designs and configurations, entrance gates can be crafted as straight-forward gateways or as sweeping entrances worthy of the grandest estate. Structures can be built from stone blocks or stones or can be covered in rock-faced cladding.

In the hands of skilled stone masons, pillars and posts can be custom-built to complement any design style. Finely crafted cast iron railings offer security, function and decoration. With the right design, all the components combine to present a distinctive yet cohesive whole.

For long-lasting style, granite is the optimum choice for driveway gates, but it takes talented stone masons and craftsmen to construct them well. Granite requires using different techniques than with limestone or sandstone and only very experienced artisans understand the quality of mortar that must be used and the patterns in which the stones must be assembled.

As a physical introduction to a home, nothing quite makes an impression like well structured, hand-crafted stone gates posts with cast iron railings. S&N Granite has a reputation for using quality materials and time-honoured techniques is the best assurance that an entry gate meets and exceeds expectations.

S&N Granite are a leading natural stone company in Ireland who specialise stone entrance gates. At S&N Granite our products are carved with the highest stone-masonry skills to ensure all natural stone products are crafted to perfection. Our products are ideal for home driveway gates or any commercial building, adding a stunning entrance feature.

Contact S&N Granite Stone supplies today to find out the full range of granite, limestone & sandstone products available or visit their showroom today.