Mint fossil sandstone paving design

Maintaining Your Stone Paving Patio

Although no patio material is completely maintenance free, stone paving comes very close. With a minimal amount of care, patios made from paving stones like granite, limestone or sandstone will look and function well for generations. Choosing the right paving for your location and ensuring that it’s properly laid, is the key to success. Poor work in laying of paving can result in uneven settlement and cause the paving slabs to separate, crack, chip or break.

Routine Cleaning Chores

Regularly sweeping a patio helps keep it free of debris that can stain the stones. Sweeping helps deter plants and seeds from gaining a foothold in areas between the stones as well. On sunny days, using a garden hose to spray away surface debris is also effective. Leaf blowers and so-called power washers can also be used to clean stone paving.

Treating Stains

Prompt attention is your first defense against stains. Left unattended, stains from oily and acidic compounds can seep deep into the stone’s surface. Sawdust and hot water can be used to absorb and rinse away oily stains. Hot water can sometimes lift dried oil stains off the paving slabs as well. Stains from substances like paint should be blotted rather than wiped to prevent spreading the stain.

A Clean Stone Gathers No Moss

Without regular care, moss and mould can creep across paving slabs in a damp environment. A diluted solution of liquid bleach and water is an effective treatment. Moss-covered paving can be safely scrubbed with a hard-bristle brush. The area should be thoroughly rinsed clean to prevent bleaching the stones.

Opinions vary when it comes to sealing stone paving. Sealing makes the stone resistant to water but because sun and rain can cause the sealant to wear away unevenly, the result can be a patchy appearance. Experts recommend professional assistance for sealant applications or when tackling stubborn stains on stone-paved patios.

As highlighted from the start, while care and maintenance will certainly help keep your paving looking well, it is important that you use high quality paving stone to begin with and ensure it is laid by an expert.  It is worth investing the time and money in researching the best product for your project and ensuring your paving is from a reliable source. Talk to S & N granite to get the best advice for your location and to suit your requirements. Call us now to speak to an expert or call by our showrooms and see our new paving display area, in Camolin, County Wexford.