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Matching Stone Paving With Window Sills and Door Arches

When it comes to choosing paving stone for your home or garden, you can select materials from stone paving suppliers that will either blend in with architectural details like window sills and door arches or that will stand out in stark contrast. Both approaches can achieve pleasing results. Great home design contains both unifying elements and contrasting components. The following tips can help you match your paving stone to your personal style.

Distinctive Style

Architectural features like windows and doors naturally attract the eye. Their attention-grabbing quality makes them ideal when you want to add visual interest to the indoor and outdoor spaces in your home. If your stone paving will be installed near a door with an attractive arch, for example, you may wish to choose a stone in a contrasting colour, texture or shape that will emphasise the distinctive focal point.

Harmonious Design

Shapes, finishes and colours that are repeated throughout a living area give the space a feeling of cohesion. Unifying elements encourage the eye to take in the space as a whole rather than focussing on individual components. Matching the type of stone paving you choose to your window sills, door thresholds and arches is helpful when you want to create a spacious, calm and sophisticated style.

Achieving Balance

Because natural stone paving is a quality material that deserves its share of attention, you won’t want to match the stone so closely with other features in your home that it disappears into the background. Look for opportunities to add accents that will give the paving stand-out appeal. Consider adding a contrasting border, introducing a new colour or working the paving slabs into an interesting pattern to achieve a balanced design.

Stone paving suppliers like S&N Granite offer paving stone in a broad array of sizes, shapes and colours, so your options are virtually endless when it comes to mixing and matching design styles. The secret to achieving satisfying results lies in creating a design that best suits your aesthetic sensibility.

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