Slate Stone External Cladding

Natural Cladding Stone Ideas For Your Home

Indoors and out, natural cladding stone adds aesthetic appeal, substance and character to both homes and commercial establishments. Stone cladding provides a durable surface that helps protect the underlying structure from weather and wear as well. A quality cladding supplier offers a broad selection of stone cladding supplies, from cladding designed for landscape features like garden, entrance and retaining walls to stone cladding engineered for use on structural interior and exterior walls.

Stone cladding is available in a wide range of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. Cladding is cut in a variety of thicknesses with the optimal thickness dependent on the specific application. Cladding stone gives the appearance of solid stone yet is far lighter, less expensive and easier to install. Here are four popular types of stone cladding and ideas for how to showcase them to best effect.

Brown Cladding

For its rich earthy tones that complement a wide array of decorative schemes, rustic brown sandstone cladding is a popular choice for internal cladding on walls and fireplaces.

Quartz Cladding

With its inherent natural sparkle, quartz cladding is ideal for entrance walls for both homes and commercial properties, creating a distinctive focal point that’s certain to make a great first impression.

Granite Cladding

When it comes to long-lasting durability, nothing beats granite for strength. Three times as strong as concrete, granite cladding is likely to outlast any structure that it covers.

Slate Cladding

Naturally resistant to water, slate works particularly well as external wall cladding. The rich, deep colours of slate add instant kerb appeal to a home or business as well.

Cut with smooth backs to simplify application, stone cladding products can quickly transform the look and functionality of the interior or exterior of a building. Because the installation of the cladding is just as important as the quality of the stone, however, it’s important to obtain cladding supplies from a reputable cladding supplier and to engage an experienced stone mason to perform the work.