Sandstone paving -Sandstone coloured circle

Natural Paving Ideas For Your Garden

Mother nature does a lot each year to ensure the garden is stunning when in full bloom. There are a few things that can be done to sort of frame and set off the natural beauty. The use of paving stones has been around for centuries to construct fencing, roadways and gates. The list is nearly endless. Create the ultimate garden of your dreams using natural paving stones. The cost is minimal, but the effects can be quite dramatic.

Breathtaking Walkway

It’s not too difficult to use paving stones to build a winding pathway through and around your garden. You can increase the visibility of some of your more colourful blooms and plants as the visitors wind around the direction of your choice. It’s a very creative way to make the most use of garden space and plant variety.

Secluded Pond

There’s nothing quite as relaxing and tranquil as a small pond. Use natural stone pavers to surround a small pond that you construct in the middle of your garden. Place a comfy bench near the water and it becomes a secluded oasis of rest. Paving stones are perfect for this type of peaceful scenic experience.

Graduated Flower Beds

This might be one of the most ambitious ideas, but the results are amazing. You need to mark off a sizeable area and place the natural paving stones two or three layers high. The inside of this needs filled with soil. You will then add another three high stone paver layer on top of this one, but reduce the area size. Fill this layer with soil and continue layering until it is to your satisfaction. The shape of each layer is completely up to you, but a flowing ribbon-type design looks really nice. Once the plants and flowers emerge that you plant in the soil, it gives an incredible waterfall appearance. It’s one of the most beautiful ways to use natural paving stones.
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