Edwards Fireplace

Natural Stone Fireplaces & Internal Stone Cladding

It’s now coming up to that time of year when a cosy, warm fire is essential to beat off the sharp cold that lingers in the air. As well as providing you with great warmth and comfort, a fire’s crackling sounds and dancing flames become an immediate attraction to any room. Accentuate the atmosphere further and create an authentic homely atmosphere using a natural stone fireplace or some stone cladding.
A beautiful natural stone fireplace is a simple yet effective way of complimenting a fire whilst fitting seamlessly into the room. Antique Stone, Lisburn Natural Stone and Victorian Arch fireplaces are popular choices, due to their attractive appearances and simple styles. These fireplaces are also unique in that they will flatter both modern and rustic style rooms equally.
Another way of complimenting a fire’s ability to light up a room is to surround it with a distinctive stone cladding design. Internal stone cladding is extremely attractive and very easy to install. With natural stone finishes such as Rustic Brown stone cladding, you can create a distinctive centre piece around your fire adding to its warmth, colour and tone, rather than merely having a painted wall. Internal stone cladding can be the immediate attraction in any room even when the fire is not lit, which is a testament to its beauty and distinction. At S&N Granite, all of our internal stone cladding products are quick and easy to apply causing minimal disruption to the full use of your house.
At S&N Granite we have a wide range of natural stone fireplaces to choose from which you can view on-line or at our showroom in Camolin Co. Wexford. If you have any questions regarding stone fireplaces or internal stone cladding then please contact us.