Sandstone and Limestone paving

Natural Stone Paving Versus Concrete Paving

Whether creating a path for the garden, laying a front drive for the home or paving a central courtyard for a business complex, the right material ensures that the result is as functional as it is attractive. Factors to consider when choosing between concrete paving and natural stone paving include cost, upkeep, durability; these factors will determine how well the material complements the surroundings.

Concrete paving can be used for both residential and commercial paving projects as well. Concrete paving slabs, while more natural looking the interlocking concrete pavers, are too thin to handle the weight of cars and are best suited for applications like garden paths.
Thin concrete paving slabs are subject to cracking during freezing temperatures. While interlocking concrete bricks are tougher that concrete slabs, their uniform shape and colour is a dead giveaway that the material is not real stone. Concrete also has a tendency to fade, dramatically changing the colour of the material over time.
Natural stones like granite, limestone and sandstone offer a wider range of colour variations than concrete. While more expensive, real stone paving not only provides a natural, elegant look but is more durable and easier to maintain. A dense stone like granite is highly resistant to stains and virtually impervious to weather and wear. When installed by skilled stonemasons, natural stone paving will keep its good looks and durability for many years to come.
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