Our Competitively Priced Exterior Cladding For The Best Overall Home View

Nothing quite matches the pride that you’ll feel when you see the character and charm that stone cladding adds to your property. Light yet durable, external cladding delivers the long-lasting beauty of solid-stone walls at a fraction of the price. Our competitively priced exterior cladding meets the quality standards that you can expect from of all of our stone products. Crafted from the finest stone materials, including granite, slate, quartz and rustic brown stone, our stone cladding products are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

Available in a variety of textures and shapes as well as a rainbow of colours, interior and exterior cladding can create stylish focal points inside and outside your home or business. For lasting style, consider granite or slate cladding. Strong, dense and durable, both materials offer sophisticated elegance and easy maintenance. Our rustic brown cladding offers an earthy ruggedness that’s ideal for creating and cosy atmosphere when used as internal cladding. Quartz cladding makes it easy transform a dull or drab entry into an inviting focal point.
Cut and shaped from quality stone, our cladding is available in slabs of varying thickness in colours that range from pale golden brown to dusky charcoal. Stones are carefully split into sheets and applied to surfaces with mortar. Thin and light, stone veneers work beautifully in areas where full stone accents aren’t practical. Cladding can add style and substance to almost any feature in your home or business, from fireplaces to exterior walls and fences.
Whilst the smooth-backed pieces simplify application, interior and external cladding stones must still be placed thoughtfully in relation to each other. It takes the artistry of our talented and experienced stone masons to create a distinctive effect that will add appeal to your home or business for generations to come.
S&N Granite is the leading supplier of natural stone products, you can depend on us to provide high quality stone cladding sure to add enduring style and character to your property.
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