Stone Paving

Pave Your Home With Natural Stone!

Today’s busy home-owners are looking for flooring materials that are not only beautiful but durable and easy to maintain as well. Whether made from limestone, granite, slate or sandstone paving, natural stone meets your functional requirements whilst offering you a rich and timeless look that’s impossible to duplicate with any other kind of material. Here are just some of the additional reasons why you should considering paving your home with natural stone.

Enrich the Look of Your Home with Bespoke Elegance

Each type of stone is unique, with colours, veining and variegated patterns that get their distinct appearance from the specific quarry in which the stones are cut. Unlike other types of flooring materials where uniformity is the primary goal, no two pieces of stone are exactly the same. It’s this variation that gives stone paving a custom-designed look that simply can’t be replicated with synthetic materials.

Natural Paving for Every Flooring Application

One of the best aspects of stone paving is the variety of stone available in today’s global marketplace. This broad selection ensures that you’ll find the ideal stone to match your home’s architectural style as well as your personal taste. Sandstone paving, for example, is perfect when you want to achieve an Old World look in your home, and its neutral tones lend themselves well to a variety of colour palettes. Marble flooring, on the other hand, can give an ordinary bathroom the ambience of a luxury spa.

Sized Right and Finished with Style!

Large square or rectangular pavers are among the most popular choices for indoor flooring as they have fewer grout lines and give living spaces a spacious appearance. Patterns with contrasting insets or borders turn plain floors into attractive focal points. There’s a wide range of finishes available too. Whether polished, honed or textured, you’re sure to find the ideal natural paving stone for every floor in your home.

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