Paving Stone – Which Finish Do I Choose?

Stone paving adds a natural yet sophisticated style to your home, indoors and out, and a broad selection ensures that you’ll find the perfect paving. Natural stone paving not only comes in a wide array of colours, shapes and sizes but in a variety of stone finishes as well. Some are added during the mining or machining process while others occur naturally. The following are just some of the many stone finishes available today that you’ll want to consider when selecting your stone paving slabs.

1. Natural Cleft/Riven

A natural finish achieved when splitting blocks of stone. Riven slate, sandstone or limestone paving is often used as a flooring material for a rustic effect.

2. Polished

With this type of finish, the natural stone is ground, sanded and buffed to produce a glossy surface. Commonly used for indoor applications, polished finishes may need to be reapplied every few years.

3. Honed

As with a polished finish, the paving is ground and sanded but is left unpolished for a non-slip matte surface.

4. Brushed

With this finish, circular brushing motions are used to create a satin matte finish.

5. Tumbled

A machine tumbles the stones together to create rough surfaces and edges. Pebbles are sometimes added to facilitate the process.

6. Bush Hammered

This finish is produced using a specialised hammer with projecting points on its face to achieve a rough finish to your stone paving.

7. Sandblasted

Blasting the stone with sand gives a surface a rough but uniform look to your stone paving.

8. Flamed

With this finish, paving slabs are subjected to high temperatures from a torch, which burns the stone’s carbon content, altering the colouration of the paving slabs.

9. Rubbed

Using a mix of sand and water, the paving stone is rubbed with a softer stone to produce a smooth surface.

10. Hand-Dressed

Featuring hand-cut stones with varied thickness’s, this natural look can be further enhanced with hand-chipped or chiselled edges.

11. Cross or Vein Cut

Stones like travertine are typically cut across the grain at the quarry. Vein-cut stones are cut along the grain to achieve a distinctive look.

12. Calibrated

The paving stone is finished to achieve a uniform thickness and size with clean-sawn edges, making it ideal for intricate designs and complex patterns.

So with all this information on the various finishes available to you when choosing your stone paving it is now time to visit S&N Granite in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford to make the final decision and get your paving project under way. We have a wide range of paving products on display on our website or you can visit our display area to get a feel for the finish!