Mint Fossil Sandstone

Paving Stones – Granite, Limestone Or Cobbles

Relaxing on your front or back porch, watching as the sun sets on the glittering golden snowflakes, that are ensconced in natural granite paving stones. This has been an Irish dream since the days of Cu Chulainn. With our incredible selection of paving products, we continue a rich tradition that began when the Vikings settled the city of Dublin more than a millennia ago.

Indian Sandstone Paving 

Creating an emerald and golden garden is incredibly easy with our Indian sandstone paving products, and we have a wide range of sizes, styles and colours to meet the needs of each individual client’s tastes. The stones are great for commercial or private uses since they lend rich warmth to any landscape. For this reason, many of our clients choose to install granite paving, Indian sandstone paving or limestone paving products on the southerly side of their home to catch, reflect and refract the the sun’s golden rays.

Paving Stones of Granite, Limestone or Cobbles 

Granite is one of the most popular choices on today’s market place, and our naturally cut stones are finished in accordance with the highest standards and allow the maximum amount of sunlight to shine through. While granite has long been prised for its everlasting beauty, many are unaware that the porphyrin stones actually contain golden snowflakes that were trapped during the rock’s formation.
Our unique selection of granite and limestone paving products gives our customers the choice of a stone that is composed of quartz, mica and feldspar in varying amounts. Depending on the amount of quartz in our granite paving products, our clients receive the world-renowned golden fleece of their choice. The alluring snowflakes trapped inside our garden cobbles are easily visible during sunny conditions, and our team of superior craftsmen ensures your family has the best looking products that are designed for durability, alluring beauty and the long-lasting tradition of the Emerald Isle.
S&N Granite is one of the premier suppliers of natural stone products in Ireland. It is a well established family owned business operating from mid-1990’s that specialises in the highest hand-cut granite.
S&N Granite is conveniently located in Camolin, just an hour outside of Dublin. Customers are welcome to visit their 1100 sqm showroom where you will find extensive collection of paving stones and other natural stone materials.