Granite Paving

Protecting Your Paving Stone Through The Winter

When properly installed and maintained, a paving stone drive or walkway will provide decades of functional service while enhancing the beauty of your property. Expert installation and routine care are essential when it comes to ensuring that your paving slabs or stones can withstand harsh winter weather. Natural stone is a durable but porous material that requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Drainage Considerations

Whether you choose limestone, sandstone, slate or granite paving for your landscape, it’s critical to install the stones with adequate drainage. Laying the stones on a bed of crushed stone covered with a layer of sand is ideal. The paving should slope gently away from your home for proper drainage. Signs of poor drainage include paving slabs that swell, heave or loosen after a freeze or a build-up of moss, algae or lichen on the paving stone after wet weather.

Choosing a Stone Sealer

A variety of stone sealers are available that will protect your paving from stains from oil, grime and dirt as well as the winter elements. Sealers fall into two general categories: topical and penetrating. Some sealers are engineered to protect your stone pavers without changing the natural colour or texture of the stone. Others are designed to enhance and enrich the stone’s colour.
For outdoor use, you’ll want to apply a penetrating sealer that is absorbed into the stone. Topical sealers form a film on top of the stone that can bleach white in inclement weather. Topical sealers are better suited for indoor use when you want to add a glossy sheen to the stone. Outdoor, the slippery surface will become a safety hazard.

Cleaning Tips

Whatever type of sealer that you select, it’s important to clean the paving surface thoroughly before any sealer application. Never power wash your paving stone as it can dislodge the joint sand. Paving slabs should be cleaned with a non-acidic cleanser and allowed to dry before applying any sealing agent. With proper care and maintenance, your slate, sandstone or granite paving will be protected from cold winter weather for many years to come.
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