Quality Cladding Supplies For Houses & Walls

The cladding, or skin, of a person’s home is the first thing that a visitor sees, so it’s crucial that it be pleasing to the eye. Besides being beautiful, it must also be made of good quality materials, as the skin of the house or wall, like the skin of a person, is there to protect it against the outside.

S&N Granite is the premier cladding supplier in Ireland. They offer different varieties of stone cladding, including granite cladding that will beautify the outside of a building as well as an entrance wall. Their quartz cladding comes in different colours and different sized stones, this looks especially fetching on a wall, especially a wall with a granite capstone. Their rustic brown wall cladding stone is just the thing for a property in the country and their slate cladding stone gives a wall a traditional look.

The stonemasons at S&N Granite, the cladding supplier, are highly skilled in the art of crafting natural stone. They have absorbed and now use the knowledge of many generations of stone masons and builders. The cladding supplies they use are second to none. Moreover, they are not only technically proficient, but have a superb sense of aesthetics. They will work with the customer and take into account the architectural style of the house and the surrounding grounds. They will then utilize the cladding supplies at hand to create walls, both internal and external, that complement them perfectly.

A property owner who’s interested in new and exquisite cladding for their house or walls should come and visit S&N’s showroom in Camolin. Our staff will be more than pleased to escort you around and show you the various cladding supplies we have.

Remember, S&N is the best cladding supplier in Ireland. We can be reached by telephone at +353 53 9383992, by fax at +353 53 9383996, by mobile at +353 86 822 5787.